Frontera Resources Corporation


Frontera’s strategy is to seek early opportunities in “known hydrocarbon bearing basins” located in low-cost onshore settings where significant oil and gas plays have been underdeveloped.

Currently the core of the company’s operations efforts are focused in the country of Georgia where it holds a license called Block 12 in the upper Kura basin.

Also, the Company has recently acquired a license in the country of Moldova called South Moldova Block

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With Frontera’s significant historical investment, it has undertaken an extensive series of studies, geologic field work and operational work programs that have resulted in the identification of significant reserve potential that the Company intends to pursue to commercial production.

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With Frontera’s acquisition of the South Moldova Block, the company has acquired a large acreage position in the dobrogea basin comprising approximately 12,125 km2. The company will undertake series of studies and field work to identify and high grade potential prospects within the license area.

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