Details of Block 12

Frontera holds a 100% working interest in Block 12, an area of approximately 5,060km2 (1.3 million acres) situated in eastern Georgia

Block 12 covers an extensive, underdeveloped oil and gas province containing eight known oil fields and numerous additional prospects for exploration and developmental exploration drilling. Since acquiring Block 12 in 1997, Frontera has focused its efforts on undertaking specific scientific studies designed to identify and high-grade opportunities for new drilling and potential commercial development.

Frontera’s work has resulted in a detailed understanding of the subsurface associated with Block 12 and the volumes of oil and gas that have been generated and trapped within it. From this work Frontera has identified two major geological plays within Block 12, the Tertiary Clastics Play and the Cretaceous Carbonate Play, containing fields and prospects which the Company is planning to pursue to commercial development.