Mtsare Khevi Field


Located in western portion of Block 12, the Mtsare Khevi Field consists of multiple objective reservoirs that are situated at depths between 200 meters and 1,100 meters.

From 1989 to 1994 Mtsare Khevi was partially delineated, but the field was never fully developed and only partially produced. In 2007, Frontera conducted a field study that concluded the field contains significant undeveloped oil and gas potential.

To access these reserves, a plan was developed to bring reservoirs from the Upper Pliocene age Akchagil formation, situated at depths of approximately 200-400 meters, into production. Additional potential exists in deeper Miocene age sandstone horizons that have previously tested and flowed oil. This potential is currently under study and will become the focus of future operations to fully develop the Mtsare Khevi Field.

In early 2008 a multi-well workover program was undertaken at Mtsare Khevi. These wells targeted oil and gas bearing reservoirs within the Akchagil formation. Production results from this program confirmed the basis for commencement of a new development program for both oil and gas.

Appraisal and early stage development drilling at the Mtsare Khevi Field commenced in August 2008.

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