Mirzaani Field


Located in the central portion of Block 12, the Mirzaani Field consists of multiple objective reservoirs that are situated at depths between 800 meters and 1,500 meters. Discovered in 1932, the field has produced approximately 7 million barrels of oil, but has largely remained undeveloped.

The field currently produces good quality 28 to 33¬†degree API oil that is processed within the field’s central facilities.

Based on field studies, Frontera identified significant undeveloped and underdeveloped portions of the field for near-term development drilling.

In 2006, Frontera acquired approximately 100 kilometers of new seismic data over the field area as part of an effort to re-map and identify new potential associated with the field.

A new drilling campaign commenced in late 2008 with the first well, Mirzaani #2, resulting in the discovery of a new, undeveloped extension of the Mirzaani Field known as Mirzaani Field Northwest. The results of this well also established the basis for new infill drilling within the Mirzaani Field proper in order to access previously undeveloped horizons below currently producing field horizons.

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