Taribani Field Unit – Dino #2 Well Operations Gallery, May 2007 – April 2008

2007: Drilling operations for 2007 are focused on three wells in order to commence development of the Zone 9 horizon in the Taribani Field. The three wells scheduled for operations in 2007 are the Dino #2 (workover/recompletion), T-#45 and Taribani South #1.

May-June 2007: A dedicated drilling rig, the ARAR Dynamic #1, was mobilized from the United States, through the Bosporus of Turkey (shown below) and delivered to the Taribani Field.

June – July 2007: Preparation to commence workover/recompletion operations at the Dino #2 location, situated in the heart of Taribani Field Unit infrastructure.

July 2007: Preparation for commencement of operations at the Dino #2 location. The ARAR Dynamic #1 rig undergoing final technical inspection for operational readiness (left) while delivery of logging equipment from Baker Hughes takes place in anticipation of beginning work (right).

August 2007: Operations underway at the Dino #2 location in order to re-complete the well in Zone 9.

September 2007: Operations successfully completed at the Dino #2 location.

April 2008: Frac equipment on location at the Dino #2 location within the Taribani Field Unit.

April 2008: Frac operations underway at the Dino #2 location with the Taribani Field Unit.

May 2008: Production operations in progress.

May 2008: Production operations in progress.

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