Shallow Fields Production Unit – Mtsare Khevi Field – Operations Gallery

Throughout Q1 and Q2 of 2012, the extent of the Mtsare Khevi Field’s gas potential was evaluated.  This work focused on continued testing and analysis of results from new and historical drilling results and incorporating these results into assessment of a greater gas exploitation area. In support of this, a new effort was initiated and completed to locate and analyze approximately 40 Soviet era wells throughout an expanded area related to the Mtsare Khevi Field, many of which encountered gas.

The result was an expansion of the area that is now considered prospective for gas exploitation and exploration.  Whereas efforts to date have been focused on an area of approximately 15 square kilometres in the southwest portion of the Mtstare Khevi Field area, an ongoing study to the northwest of this area has revealed a larger play of approximately 80 square kilometres that is now referred to as the Mtsare Khevi Gas Complex and encompasses zones found between 300 meters and 5,000 meters in depth. Based on Frontera’s internal estimates, analysis has revealed significant gas potential throughout this area of as much as approximately 1.2 tcf of gas in place (28 billion cubic meters) and approximately 700 bcf of recoverable gas (19.8 billion cubic meters).

Since January, testing has successfully confirmed and expanded the area for gas reserves with all new wells drilled and completed to total depths of approximately 400 meters. An eight kilometer gas line was designed for transportation of Mtsare Khevi gas production from the field to a nearby sales point. Pictured below is the Thermoflex flexible pipe at the Mtsare Khevi Field that is awaiting installation.

About 6 kilometers of high density polyethylene pipe, seen below on site at the Mtsare Khevi Field, will be used to gather gas from wells within the field.

A gas compressor, pictured below, will be installed to increase the pressure of the Mtsare Khevi Field gas at a central gathering point from within the field and send it to the sales point via the 8 kilometer Thermoflex line. Below left, the compressor control panel. Below right, the compressor heads and natural gas engine.