Shallow Fields Production Unit – Mirzaani Field – Photo Gallery, February 2009 – January 2010

Having produced over seven million barrels of oil since its discovery in 1932, the Mirzaani Field currently produces 28 degree API oil from the Shiraki reservoir, located from 400 to 1,800 meters in depth.

The majority of the field’s 297 wells were drilled between 1930 and 1970. Today, the field exists as a fully operational producing asset, with production facilities capable of handling up to 2,000 barrels per day. Field staff handle operations and logistics from the Mirzaani Field office, warehouse, workshop and processing facilities, which are strategically located in the central portion of the field.

Mirzaani Field is equipped with oil and gas production processing facilities, including, from left to right, oil storage tanks and gas/water separation units. The facilities’ proximity to areas of production within the field adds to the efficiency of Mirzaani’s operations.

Oil is trucked from the central processing facilities to export rail facilities which sit less than 15 kilometers away. The oil is then exported by rail to market.

A new drilling campaign commenced in December 2008 with the drilling of the Mirzaani #2 well. The well resulted in the discovery of a new, undeveloped extension of the Mirzaani Field known as Mirzaani Field Northwest, and also established the basis for developing horizons that remain undeveloped below the Mirzaani Field proper.

February 2009: The Mirzaani #2 well was the first new well to be drilled in the field since 1970. In 2006, Frontera acquired 100 kms of new seismic data over the field (below right) as part of a long term effort to study, remap and identify new potential that was ultimately encountered by the Mirzaani #2 well (below left).

The Mirzaani #2 well encountered seven reservoir intervals that, based on analysis of data obtained while drilling, logs and the results of production testing, indicated approximately 157 net meters of oil and gas bearing sands within the well. Good quality 33 degree API oil was sampled from testing, together with associated gas.

May 2009: Production testing at the Mirzaani #2 well. Based on integration of data obtained from the Mirzaani #2 well into existing field mapping, the Mirzaani Field Northwest is now estimated to contain potentially significant volumes of recoverable oil reserves within multiple reservoir intervals between depths of 800 and 1,500 meters. Future plans entail drilling wells to appraise the Mirzaani Northwest extension, as well as drilling new infill wells to increase production from the main field area.

October 2009: The Mirzaani #1 well commenced drilling in the underdeveloped southeastern portion of the Mirzaani Field.

November 2009: The Mirzaani #1 well reached a planned total depth of approximately 1,500 meters during the second week of November. While drilling, the well encountered multiple known field reservoir horizons associated with the Lower Pliocene age Shiraki formation between 1,000 meters and 1,500 meters, as well as multiple associated oil shows.

November 2009: Mirzaani #1 well operations underway, with a backdrop of the southwestern portion of the Mirzaani Field.

November 2009: Drilling operations atop the Mirzaani #1 well rig floor.

November 2009: Drilling and logging operations at the Mirzaani #1 well were completed in late November, and production testing is set to begin in early December.

December 2009: A 17 meter core sample was taken from 1,207 – 1,225 meters depth within Zone 12 in the Mirzaani #1 well. Laboratory analysis of this first core to be taken in the field since the 1970s indicated that the section contained approximately eight meters of oil saturated reservoir. Pictured below, the core barrel drill bit, just before coring operations.

January 2010: Testing operations underway at the Mirzaani #1 well.

January 2010: In late January, the Mirzaani #5 well completed drilling operations in the undeveloped northwestern portion of the field known as Mirzaani Field Northwest. It is the third well in the recently completed Mirzaani drilling campaign that was initiated by the Mirzaani #2 well’s discovery of the northwest extension of the field in early 2009. The Mirzaani #5 well is located approximately 600 meters to the northwest of the Mirzaani #2 discovery well.

January 2010: The Mirzaani #5 well was drilled to a total depth of 1,125 meters and penetrated approximately 120 meters of total net sandstones. The well encountered oil and gas bearing sands in the primary Zone 13 reservoir target at depths between 835 meters and 910 meters where a core sample was also taken in order to obtain detailed reservoir data for this formation (pictured below, right). In addition, multiple oil and gas bearing sands were also encountered in Zones 14-17 at depths between 910 meters and 1,120 meters. Testing will commence during early February.

In February and March 2010, new well production testing at the Mirzaani Field was focused on secondary target zones 15 and 17 at both the Mirzaani #1 and Mirzaani #5 wells in order to determine the upside prospectivity associated with undeveloped northwest and southwest portions of the field. Results confirmed the upside associated with these secondary reservoir intervals and technical analysis has indicated frac completions will serve to maximize production results. Pictured below, production testing at the Mirzaani #5 well.

In March 2010, a small test frac was applied to a 12 meter interval associated with Zone 17 at the Mirzaani #5 well. An initial production rate of approximately 450 barrels of oil per day confirmed the technical effectiveness of frac completions in the Mirzaani reservoir intervals to maximize well productivity. Plans are now being made to arrange larger scale frac completions for all three recently drilled Mirzaani wells that will target primary and secondary reservoir objectives. Pictured below, the mobilization of equipment for the Mirzaani #5 frac completion.

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