Shallow Fields Production Unit – Mirzaani Field Northwest – Photo Gallery, November 2008 – February 2009

The field consists of multiple shallow reservoirs of the Shiraki series of Upper Miocene and Lower Pliocene aged sediments predominantly composed of fluvial, braided stream and alluvial fan deposits. Frontera’s current focus is aimed at multiple reservoir intervals in the Shiraki formation situated between 800 meters and 1,300 meters. In 2006, Frontera acquired approximately 100 kilometers of new 2D seismic data over the Mirzaani field area.

November 2008: The Mirzaani #2 well is located in an undeveloped area of the field known as Mirzaani Field Northwest.

Mirzaani Field hosts central processing and storage facilities situated a short distance from the Mirzaani Field Northwest area. Below, from left to right: a gas separator, oil and water tanks, and a heater-treater.

Approximately 13 kilometers away from the Mirzaani central processing facilities sit existing export rail facilities that serve as an efficient means for transportation of oil to market on an ongoing basis.

December 2008: Drilling operations commenced on December 17th at the Mirzaani #2 well.

January 2009: Operations at Mirzaani #2 continued through January. Higher than anticipated reservoir pressures were encountered when drilling through hydrocarbon bearing intervals.

February 2009: Drilling operations were completed at Mirzaani #2 to a total depth of 1,250 meters. The well is expected to increase production and improve understanding of the potentially extensive prospectivity associated with Mirzaani Field Northwest.

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