Frontera’s business is conducted by its employees, managers, and officers, under the direction of the chief executive officer and the oversight of the board of directors, to enhance the long-term value of the Company for its stockholders. The board of directors is elected by the stockholders to oversee management and to assure that the long-term interests of the stockholders are being served. Both the board of directors and management recognize that the long-term interests of stockholders are advanced by responsibly addressing the concerns of other stakeholders and interested parties including employees, customers, suppliers, government officials, and the public at large.

The board of directors recognizes that there is an on-going and energetic debate about corporate governance, and it will review these principles and other aspects of the Company’s governance, as it deems necessary from time to time.

The Company’s Audit Committee comprise Zaza Mamulaishvili as Chairman and Andrew J. Szescila as member. The Company’s Compensation Committee comprise Andrew J. Szescila as Chairman and Zaza Mamulaishvili as member.

The Company’s articles do not contain provisions equivalent to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers. A takeover of the Company would not be subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers, as such does not apply to the Company.