Vakhtang Glonti (age 69), General Manager, Basin Edge Play Unit

Mr. Glonti was named General Manager, Basin Edge Play Unit in January 2009.  He joined the company in 1997 as Chief Geophysicist for Frontera Eastern Georgia Limited.  Prior to Frontera, during the period from 1992-1997, Mr. Glonti held the position of Chief Geologist of Neftegeophysika Ltd., an affiliate of the Georgian National Oil Company.  Prior to that, Mr. Glonti held various positions of responsibility for Geophysics, Engineering and R&D with the Algerian National Oil Company as well as a “Team Lead” role with CGG Veritas.  Mr. Glonti began his career in the oil and gas industry working on seismic crews and expeditions with Gruzneftegeophysika Trust.  Mr. Glonti graduated from Tbilisi State University with a Mathematics Degree in 1968 and received a degree in geophysics from Tbilisi University in 1976.  He also received a degree from the Oil and Gas Geology Department of the Georgian Technical University in 1987.  Mr. Glonti is the author of 18 published scientific papers.

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