Apolon Mshvidobadze (age 44), General Manager, Shallow Fields Production Unit

Mr. Mshvidobadze was named General Manager, Shallow Fields Production Unit in January 2009. Mr. Mshvidobadze joined the company in 1998 as Chief Accountant for Frontera Eastern Georgia Limited.  Prior to joining the company, Mr. Mshvidobadze served as the Economist-Accountant of Georgian Wines and Spirits Ltd. from 1997-1998.  He held the position of Chief Accountant of NEO Ltd., a Georgian surveying company from 1996-1997, and prior to that he was a partner in Birtvisi Audit, a Georgian audit company.  Mr. Mshvidobadze received degrees in Mathematics and Banking-Finance from Tbilisi State University.  He also received an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting from the United Kingdom Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

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