Frontera Resources Waste Management

Over the past two years, Frontera Resources has taken significant actions to remediate waste locations within its Taribani Field Unit. This voluntary waste management work is representative of Frontera’s commitment to responsible stewardship of the environment in Georgia and reinforces the Company’s HSEC Policy of “moving towards zero harm.”

The components of this waste management program have included:

  • cleanup and closure of six drilling waste pits;
  • creation of a centralized waste management area;
  • implementation of Georgia’s first ever bioremediation site;
  • installation of ground water monitoring wells; and
  • implementation of a waste tracking and manifest system.

Frontera has obtained approval from Georgia’s National Agency for Regulation of Oil and Gas (NAOG) for these actions and provides continuing progress reports to them as appropriate.

In connection with this program, in early 2006, Frontera submitted a permit application for a centralized waste management location, which was approved by Georgia’s National Agency for Regulation of Oil and Gas. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was also prepared and approved by the Ministry of Environment. Ground water monitoring wells were installed near the location in order to ensure detection of any possible contamination. Quarterly monitoring is regularly conducted, and no contamination has been recorded to date. This waste management program includes a land treatment bioremediation site, incorporating technology considered to be an international best practice for treating oily sludge using microbes in the soil to convert hydrocarbon to carbon dioxide and water.

In early 2008, Frontera also commenced cleanup operations of six drilling waste pits, with a Pits Closure Plan approved by Georgia’s National Agency for Regulation of Oil and Gas.  Detailed pit cleanup plans were developed and implemented and the work has now been completed.  Internationally recognized U. S. State of Louisiana 29B regulations were accepted by the agency as criteria for clean closure. An independent laboratory performed all of the sampling and analytical work, and a Taribani Waste Management Closure Report, including various “before and after” photographs, has been prepared for submission to the agency.  To learn more about Frontera’s Land Treatment Program, please click here.

For more information regarding Frontera’s waste management programs, please contact Terry Thoem, Vice President, Health, Safety and Environment, at