Health, Safety, Environment and Community Policy

We will conduct our business with respect and care for our employees, contractors, communities, and the environments in which we operate. Our vision is zero harm to people and the environment while creating value for our shareholders. We believe that excellent safety, health, environment, and community (HSEC) performance is an integral part of our business success and Corporate responsibility.

To achieve our vision we commit to:

  •  Continually pursue the goal of zero harm to people
  •  Enable a working environment where diversity is valued and all people are always treated with respect
  •  Seek to minimize the environmental impact of our operations
  •  Utilize a management systems approach for all safety and environmental matters
  •  Embrace continuous improvement in our operations and management
  •  Establish performance targets as part of our business plans and evaluate our achievements
  •  Foster an open dialogue with our stakeholders on our activities and performance
  •  Openly report our performance
  •  Conduct all operations in conformance with national requirements and international practices
  •  Practice environmental stewardship that enhances the communities where we operate
  •  Provide the leadership and resources necessary to fulfill our vision
  •  Establish a culture in which all employees, contractors, and partners value and share this commitment

“Our work is never so urgent or important
that we cannot take time to do it safely.”