Corporate Overview

Frontera Resources is an international oil and gas exploration and production company that was founded in 1996. The company’s strategy is to identify opportunities and operate in emerging markets in Eastern Europe around the Black Sea.

Specifically, Frontera’s strategy is to seek opportunities in known hydrocarbon-bearing basins around the world where historical geopolitical and/or economic situations may have caused significant oil and gas plays to be overlooked or underdeveloped. Being among the first to enter these markets as they change and emerge from these historical situations is a primary objective in order to capture opportunity. Within this strategy, Frontera’s current focus is targeted on exploiting a ‘Greater Black Sea’ initiative, regionally building from its core operations in the country of Georgia.

The company’s management team and board of directors are comprised of an experienced team of individuals with extensive backgrounds in the international oil and gas business, related service industries, finance and geopolitics.